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The management committee

The APE of the EFM (ABN 16 656 280 031) is a non-profit association managed by a Management Committee made up of volunteers. The running costs of the L’EFM are covered by the income of the APE based on After School Activities fees and grants from the French Government.

The Management Committee is composed of 7 to 9 members elected by the APE, including a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, all elected for a year until the date of the following AGM and the partial renewal of the committee.

Supplementary non-elected members can be nominated to fill particular functions. Renewal of members of the committee is done by calling for nominations from members of the APE. This takes place each year.

The Management Committee meets at regular intervals throughout the school year according to the following timetable: a monthly meeting, an information meeting for the parents once a year and an AGM.

Ensuring the right mix of competencies and availability, the roles of the different officers are:


The President of the Association acts as the main representative, dealing with both French and Australian government bodies, and advising the school council. They also lead the committee, ensuring meetings are held, agendas are drafted, and decisions are made and implemented. While some duties can be delegated, the President supervises key tasks like staff recruitment and oversees that committee members fulfill their roles.


The main role is to support the President and fill in during absences. They also act as a liaison with French organisations and manage special projects. Additionally, they ensure the school follows all current regulations.


Responsible for capturing key points during meetings and sharing them afterwards, manage the Association’s archive and bridge with the other French organisations.


The treasurer is the financial watchdog of the association, ensuring its financial health and informing members. They prepare annual budgets, track spending against them, present monthly reports, and manage expenses. 

Current committee

  • President: Asmine Hammadou
  • Treasurer: Sandrine Roy
  • Secretary: Karen Hill