The EFM offers 2 classes of Small (3 years) and Middle Sections (4 years) in partnership over 2-3 days with the Australian “Kindergarten” of Renown Community Kindergarten.

The classes are small (around 20 children) and the 2 levels of kindergarten are mixed. The classes are supervised by 3 teachers (including a French School Teacher and an Australian Early Childhood Teacher).

This French-speaking Kindergarten program is based on the French National Education curriculum and guided by the State of Victoria’s ‘Early Years Learning Framework’.

The aim of the Kindergarten is to offer children an opportunity to develop and discover everything in French, through play but also by working in small workshops.

The sessions are organised in the form of themed workshops including games, introduction to mathematics, musical education, visual arts, graphics as well as work on the development of motor skills. Alongside the workshops, the child has free time to discover at his own pace, reflect on the situations he encounters, reason, decide, learn to think alone or in a group.

These programs – taught in French – are intended for children who already understand and speak French and not to learn the language.

Renown Kindergarten

Renown Kindergarten located in South Yarra, welcomes 21 students 2 days a week and offers a Bilingual program. The program was developed on a different and independent structure from the primary section to model the Australian school system in which primary school is separated from kindergarten.

TeachersCecile Dutrieux
Megan Oldmeadow
AssistantBarbara Franco Ortiz
School timesThursdays and Fridays, from 8.30am to 4pm
EnrolmentCan be made as early as 2 years before commencement of the program.
Pre-enrolmentFees per child. Renown Kindergarten
Location20 Cliff Street, South Yarra Victoria 3141