Primary School

French Binational Program

The FBP (French Binational Program) is the French section of Caulfield Junior College (CJC) and the primary school section of the EFM. Thanks to the partnership between the Australian and French teaching teams, EFM has become over the years an example of successful synergy between two different educational and cultural approaches.


  • Primary classes in French from Prep to Grade 6 at Caulfield Junior College (CJC).
  • Supported by the French Sub-committee and the Parent Committee. 
  • Alternating Australian and French teachings on the basis of an hourly parity. 
  • Bilingual and bicultural education.
  • Exposure to Australian and French teaching methods. 
  • Share the same school values and rules. 
  • Cover the needs of children from French temporary residents and expat families to enter a French education system in France. 
  • Allows children with permanent residency in Australia to continue their education in Australian public or private schools. 


The Teaching

  • The teachers base their programs on the AusVELS and the French equivalent (Education Nationale). The program is bilingual French-English with an hourly parity. 
  • Each class has two teachers who deliver their curriculum in turn: one is French with qualifications from the Education Nationale, whilst the other is Australian. The teaching is 50% in English and 50% in French. 
  • Learning progression is done in both English and French. A lesson can be started by one teacher and continued by the other. A theme will be studied on both languages helping to acquire the specific vocabulary and two ways to see the world which are always complementary. 

The Students

  • Often from families where at least one parent speaks French are expats (10%) or permanent residents to Australia (90%). 
  • On admission, a majority of students are bilingual at varying levels, except for new families arriving in Australia who do not speak English. 
  • By the end of their education, they are bilingual and read, write and speak fluently in both languages. 
  • They follow the Southern Hemisphere school calendar, from 1st February to mid December. 
  • They wear Caulfield Junior College’s school uniform. A navy blue, green and white uniform. 
  • A la fin de leur scolarité, ils sont bilingues, lisant, écrivant et parlant couramment les deux langues.
  • They bring their lunches to school (lunchbox) which they eat in their classe before going outside for recess. 
  • They can participate in a number of cultural and sporting activities after school organised by TeamKids and by the EFM’s After School Activities.


  • In 1998, the optional French section at CJC has 15 students. 
  • In 2010, 200 students attend the EFM program. 
  • In 2014, 255 students attend the French primary school offering
  • In 2016, the French section is integrated to CJC and accounts for 300 students.
  • Since 2017, the French Binational Program is managed by CJC’s management team on behalf of the Department of Education of Victoria.