After School Activities

Play, Learn, Grow, en Français, in English ou les deux!

The EFM organises After School Activities (ASA) open to every child from Caulfield Junior College. Activities are run Monday to Friday after class in French and/or in English. Animators help them uncover talents, develop new skills in a friendly and fun way.

Art, Crafting, Cooking, Music, Language, Drama, Dance, Games, Stitching, Karate, Yoga !

ASA Program – Term 3 2024


Anne-Sophie Foucherand
ASA Coordinator

04 81 165 218

Our Classes

Afro Dance

In Africa dance is life! Come and learn some energetic & fun African dances with David Smile. Amazing for children’s fitness, co-ordination, confidence and expression… Plus it literally makes us feel happy releasing all those good endorphins! Why would you not want to dance?

  • French & English

ART never sleeps

Develop sense of creativity and imagination. Manipulate new materials and fabrics, design and learn the process of making a product. Children learn to express their vision of the world and express themselves through creations of their own. Provide your children with a peaceful and rich art environment.

  • French & English


Develop logical, precise thinking, patience, memory, concentration, problem solving, and an understanding of consequences. It also commands inductive and deductive reasoning, breaking down a problem, then put it back together. Come and learn to play this legendary game of masters.

  • English


Unleash your inner star and join the Caulfield drama club! Embrace the magic of theatre and discover a world of self-expression, curiosity and confidence. Learn to respect others, work as a team and let your imagination soar in our fun, supportive and inclusive environment, where every voice matters!

  • French

French Games

A class for all children to practice their French through writing and spelling games (Who am I, Flashcard, Sentense stretching…). This class is created for different levels as the teacher will pay attention on the needs of every child. Let’s have fun practicing French with games.

  • French


Emphasis on discipline, respect and self-defense, but also encourages to learn through fun and enjoyment of the art. Karate is about building confidence and life skills that will benefit in everyday living. Energetic and exciting training style, Fun, Empowering and Educational for all ages.

  • English

Little Stitch

Dive into a vibrant world of fabric and thread to unleash your creativity! Our tailored sewing classes inspire young minds, fostering a passion for craftsmanship and sewing. Children embark on thrilling adventures, exploring colorful and exciting sewing techniques that let their imagination soar.

  • French & English


You love sport but you don’t know which one to do and you want to try different games? You’re in the right place ! You will try many sports and games such as Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball tennis, tennis, balls games! It’s a good way to move and improve your general motor skills while having fun with friends!

  • French

Music is Key

Sarah’s workshops have been traveling all the way from New York to Paris before getting to Melbourne! Come discover different instruments each week from the wind, strings and percussion families. Get the chance to hear, play and learn all about rhythms, dynamics, notes and what makes an orchestra.

  • French & English

Petit Chef

The perfect activity for kids who love creating and eating your own creation while being a chef for an hour. These workshops use this recipe for success: 1 cup of education, 2 cups of fun, 1 tablespoon of mess, a pinch of creativity. Bring back home your creation and a delicious tasty memorable experience.

  • French & English


Embark on a captivating learning journey through an immersive class that blend drama, storytelling, technology, music, crafts and games. This dynamic approach empowers students to rapidly gain fluency and confidence, enabling them to express themselves and navigate the world with ease.

  • Spanish & English


Come and learn the ukulele with Mary who is dedicated to imparting the love of music to children! Ideal for young students as it is small and portable. The students enjoy singing whilst playing and entertaining. To learn as a group, fosters team spirit and is of course inclusive and lots of fun.

  • English

Yoga Junior

Come and play! Doing yoga, children fun exercise, play, connect more deeply, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world around them. With a balance of spontaneity and structure, children learn to listen to themselves and each other as well as express themselves creatively.

  • French & English